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TSRI SoF, La Jolla Campus

Reimbursement Request Form

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Complete sections below for obtaining reimbursements for all SoF-supported activities including course reimbursements, travel awards, social activities, administrative expenses, etc. Email James Ferguson (SoF Treasurer) using link below or call 4-2800 with any questions.

Course Reimbursement Program:

TSRI’s Society of Fellows has funded a program to reimburse postdocs and graduate students for the cost of attending specified professional development courses and networking events. Eligible courses and events are noted on the pre-approved list, which is accessible from the SoF webpage. This reimbursement request form must be submitted along with ALL required documentation (noted below) no later than 4 weeks after the course or networking events is/are completed. Scholars may be reimbursed up to $350 per year. However, funding for this program is finite

Reimbursement Type:

Course reimbursement requests must be from current grad students or postdocs as verifed by HR.

Requestor Details:

The Requestor is the person making the check request and may or may not be the same as the Payee identified below. Multiple selections allowed when applicable. Complete all fields within this section for each request.

Expense Details:

Itemize expenses within this section. Receipts can be either attached below (preferred) or sent via intercampus mail to James Ferguson using Mail Code MB-204.

Course reimbursement requests require the following documentation provided prior to approval: a) copy of course or networking event description/announcement and fees, b) itemized copy of receipt(s), cancelled check, or credit card statement showing payment for registration, required books, software, and/or other directly related course materials, c) proof of successful completion of the course: passing grade, certificate of completion, or instructor/organizer notation. For networking events, you must provide evidence of attendance (name badge, handouts, or copies of business cards of persons met).

Payee Details:

The Payee is the person whose name will appear on the check, and may be the same or different from the Requestor.

Payee must match Requestor for course reimbursement requests.

Use full legal name as required by banks for check cashing purposes.

Check Delivery:

Where would you like the check to go? Can be delivered either to Requestor or directly to Payee, which may be on or off campus.

Reimbursements through the Course Reimbursement Program must be delivered to an internal TSRI mail drop location.


Requestor confirms accuracy of information by writing initials using mouse pointer in box below. Each request will be validated for accuracy prior to check disbursement.